Divine Float Spa is now Divine Med Spa!

About Us

Divine Med Spa

Divine Med spa provides a space to Relax, Restore and Recharge by offering holistic natural remedies such as Float therapy, Halo/Salt therapy, Red-light therapy, Infrared sauna, Massage therapy, Facial and Skin Care Services.

Divine Med Spa’s vision is to give you the deep space you need to release what’s holding you back and blossom the Divinity within you. Let it go and heal.  Take solace in the release. A space to breathe. A space to just be!

Just like a garden, one must prune away the weeds and thorns; we add good soil and plant the seed we want to harvest. Change may not come overnight, but change is sure to come. Embrace it!


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As a locally owned family business, we believe in supporting other small businesses like ours. We at Divine Med Spa would be honored to partner with businesses like gyms, yoga studios, practitioners and wellness centers who believe in Holistic/alternative therapies.

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